We occasionally create unique pieces of art including replica tribal mummies, ritual voodoo skulls based on West African or Caribbean influences, Aztec-Mixtec skulls, Mundurucu trophy heads, overmodeled heads, Solomon Island decorative skulls, South American shrunken head replicas, carved and decorated animal skulls including pigs, warthogs, orangutans, gorillas, and baboons (replicas), crocodiles, and others.


The Ifugao are the mountain people of the Philippines. Human skulls were taken as trophies from defeated enemies. The skulls were carefully prepared with fire, smoke, and soot. Ifugao skulls are typically not decorated with feathers, shells, or paint. They are often bound together in groups or attached to animal skulls with wood, skin, and fiber. These groupings, especially with pig skulls, were meant to represent the enemy as a lowly ‘non-human’ creature.


$80 each plus $12 shipping.



Animal skulls are created with ethically sourced skulls. No animals are killed to create our Forgotten Tribes tribal animal skulls. In fact, most - all primates, big cats, and crocodiles - are high-quality resin casts. Prices depend on the enhancements added and time required to produce your piece. Tribal work on these skulls can include Asmat, Dayak, Aztec, and representations of other tribes, but we typically only do work associated with the tribes that would have interactions with these animals. Ex: Jaguars in Aztec style, Orangutans in Dayak style, Gorillas and Warthogs in African voodoo style, etc. Prices vary from $100 to $1,000 depending on species and complexity of design.

Gorilla Skull - $250 natural; $350 tribal (African Voodoo)
African Lion (large adult) - $350 natural; $550, tribal (African Voodoo)
Warthog Skull (real) - $200 natural; $300 tribal (African Voodoo)
Crocodile Skull (large - 18") - $300 natural; $500 tribal
Tiger Skull (large adult) - $300 natural; $500 tribal
Orangutan Skull - $300 natural; $500 tribal (Dayak or Iban)
Ram Skull (real) - $100 natural; $200 tribal or voodoo
Pig Skull (real) - $100 natural; $200 tribal or voodoo

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