Dayak Dog Skull

Dayak Dog Skull

The Dayak of Borneo are hill-dwelling headhunters. During battles, Dayak warriors would remove the heads of their slain victims and create intricately carved skulls to serve as trophies of their conquests and to represent their ferocity in battle. The freshly decorated skulls of the victims were thought to have magical powers that would improve the bounties of gardens, cure disease, and ward off evil spirits. The arrival of Christianity to Borneo led to a sharp decrease in headhunting but there are documented increases in the practice during World War II and even into the 1960s. The last known cases of headhunting were in the 1990s, when the Dayak attacked emigrants venturing into their lands.

Each Forgotten Tribes Dayak skull is unique. All are hand-carved with traditional Dayak motifs and additions such as boar tusks and seashells add to the uniqueness of these replica tribal skulls.

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